Affiliated to University of Calicut
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  • The institutional values are guided by the three basic principles- Integrity, Honesty and Transparency. These basic principles motivate the enrichment of core domains of mutual respect, trust and accountability in the relations among the faculty, ministerial staff and students. 
  • The reflections of these values and the resultant atmosphere can be traced in the attitudes of the actors in the college towards Social Justice, Democratic Values, Unbiased and Non- partisan management of the educational institution.
  • The institution provides opportunities and platforms for the nourishing the atmosphere for developing possible highest quality of education.  
  • Along with these there are vigilant actions on the part of the institution to keep the college eco- friendly and gender sensitive.
  • Practicing these sensitivities, there are planned actions to impart the ethical, educational and social values of sustainability and justice.
  • The academic ministerial and student community of this college are committed in recognizing the rights and responsibilities and these realizations are put into practice by providing fair, inclusive and exemplary treatment to all irrespective of age, gender, gender identity, caste, religion etc.
  • Basing on the values, the institution remains committed to prepare the youngsters to:
    1. Build  successful lives enriched by the learning and strength of character
    2. Engage with the society with balanced and socially committed perspectives
    3. Encounter the challenges with confidence
    4. Respect the diversities and flourish in different cultural contexts
    5. Develop sense of humanism and inclusive spirit
    6. Cultivate the leadership faculties and the inner strengths to make difference