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Internal Examination

The evaluation system of the University of Calicut has undergone a tremendous change during the last three years with the introduction of the Choice Based Credit and Semester System (CCSS). Setting of question papers, valuation of answer books and publication of results are carried out by the university. University is the sole authority for the implementation of reforms in examination and evaluation. However, the faculty members of the college who are members of various academic bodies of the University make their valuable contributions in the reforms of University examination.

A student is evaluated based on continuous evaluation (20%) which is done internally at the college and also by end semester examination (80%), which is directly conducted by the University. Direct grading system based on a 5 point scale is used to evaluate the performance (external and internal) of the students.

The components of continuous evaluation which is done internally in the college are:

Slno. Component Mark Mark
1 Attendance 5 1
2 Seminar 5 1
3 Assignment 5 1
3 Average of two test papers 10 2

In accordance with these reforms the college has developed an effective mechanism for the internal assessment of the students. All the teachers are keeping a register to record the continuous evaluation of the students. The details of the attendance, assignments, seminars and test papers are recorded here with the allotted grade.

Internal Examination Convener : Sri. Johnson N J
Assistant Professor, Commerce